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„Rare Amber, Mysterious You!”


The rising prices and popularity of amber goods have caused the production of fake amber, which is manufactured in increasing quantities. Amber used in Tears of Time jewelry is genuine. We do not use pressed or bonded Baltic amber.



As no other kind of amber in the world, Baltic amber features great wealth of varieties, resulting from its diverse internal structure, inclusions, and degree of weathering. It owes its exceptional charm to its fascinating origin when it was just a sticky resinous „tear” dripping in the Tertiary forest at least 40 million years ago.

The patterns that fill amber gemstone would not be able to repeat. It makes the natural beauty of Baltic amber remarkable and unique.



Scientific research has proven Baltic amber’s beneficial effect on human’s health. Amber is electronegative – when it comes in contact with the body, it ionizes it and improves the body’s energy and electrolyte balance.

Amber has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties; an amber tincture strengthens the body’s natural immunity, helps to mitigate cold symptoms, fever as well as rheumatic and muscle pain.



In the past few years the increasing demand for amber jewellery and dropping supply of amber raw material have made amber jewellery a luxury good that is nowadays considered not only as a remarkable and unique ornament but also as a solid investment.

What gives the Baltic amber so powerful properties that makes this over 40-million-year-old organic gemstone one of the most precious in the “jewellery” world? The most obvious quality of amber is its very old energy. With it comes the accumulated wisdom of the earth and beneficial effect on human’s health. The other distinctive quality is its unquestionable beauty, its diversity and inclusions.

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